5 ways to monitor your sales team

5 ways to monitor your sales team 

If your sales team is not performing well, there is a problem and you must identify it. You should know how they sell: from what they say to what they are not saying.

IP Phone with Headset - IT equipment for office ** Note: Shallow depth of field



The new generation of business phone systems with VoIP technology solves this problem.


Now business’ phone systems allow you to monitor conversations of your employees in order to improve sales performance.

How it works? Just by using your laptop’s browser you can:

  1. See all company Call History:

  • How many calls have been done in a day

  • To whom have they called

  • Who has called them

  • How long have they been talking


2. Listen to any conversation: Have access to all company phone conversations so you can identify why sales team are not performing well.


3. Make web phone calls: Now your sales team can use their laptops to call customers still using the company’s phone system.


4. Analyze phone-conference meetings: When your sales hold phone-conference meetings with multiple people you can analyze later what’s been discussed.



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