What happened to Internet in China?

If you have been doing IT in China for 20 years, you receive a lot of questions from the outside world like: What happened to Internet in China?

Niels has seen it all, from the start of first email boxes to the Internet we have today. Therefore he decided to create this video to explain once and for all how Chinese Internet differs from the Internet around the world.

So if you don't live in China and have no idea what is the difference, check the video bellow.

Key points:

  • GFW- Great Firewall of China. Everything that is hosted outside from China will be impacted by GFW. Some websites work, some are slow and many are simply blocked. No Facebook, no twitter, no youtube or google.That sounds like North Korea right? Not quite…
  • China offers alternatives for every servicer that blocked in China. WeChat has billions of users and becoming a whole ecosystem in one app, that even Facebook is envy of.

 However foreigners have to find a way to live on both words and VPN seem to offer that.VPN allows you get across GFW, but its not a sustainable solution for businesses. What can you do with your IT Infrastructure?


Stay Local 

Keep all business critical applications and services locally in China. For public Chinese services Niels says that it works the best, but you should pay attention to the security concerns


Go Hybrid

Hybrid Cloud seems to be the another legal workaround favorited by IBB, that allows to share datas safely between China and Abroad.


Go Hybrid

Last but not least Solution is to build own local infrastructure, which is effective, but costly process and also you have to take in account that you will have to deal with other IT providers, that might be a headache on its own.