Hybrid Cloud
Optimized IT for China

What is Hybrid Cloud ?

Hybrid Cloud is a Cloud Computing Ecosystem which uses a mix of On-premises, Private Cloud and third-party, Public Cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

“82% of Enterprises have a Hybrid Cloud Strategy since 2015”

Hybrid Cloud China


Host Sensitive Data on Private Cloud in China

Global Access Data on Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud China

IT Expertise & Resources

32% of Businesses report that top cloud challenge lack of resources and expertise. With IBB SaaS Services you are not only renting our IT experts, but also our resources collected by solving China IT challenges in 20 years.

Cloud Cost Management

Managing and optimizing cloud costs is a challenge that requires qualified IT expertise to monitor always increasing costs. Our Team has to constantly find solutions to keep the costs down and provide our customers services for the same stable monthly price.

Fast Internet in China

Super Speed

Imagine, you are uploading 3GB Video to the Cloud, this usually takes a while, but since your private cloud is hanging above your head it will be instant! Have to Share Files with colleagues overseas? No problem, upload to the Public Cloud where everyone has fast global access. Thats the power of Hybrid!

High security

High Security Standards to give you tools to keep your Intellectual Property Safe in China. Most people go too easy on security these days, but with IBB you get Security Standards by default.

Whats is your China Challenge?

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