IBB Cloud rebrands to NiHao Cloud

IBB Cloud - re-brands to NiHao Cloud

IBB Cloud was an internal project of IBB I&C Technology, which started in 2016.

Although its office is set in China’s financial hub of Shanghai, IBB Cloud is incorporated overseas, to comply with International & China’s laws.

On November 1st 2017, IBB Cloud re-branded itself to NiHao Cloud and launched its free version on nihaocloud.com

The Name

We have been thinking for quite long time what name we should get. After a few hilarious brainstorming sessions we decided to go with NiHao Cloud.

NiHao or 你好 is the most commonly known Chinese word, even for non-Mandarin speakers, and it has been the word that ignites collaboration between Western and Chinese merchants since centuries ago. The name makes perfect sense to us, since our mission is to assist with the communication between China and the West.

Logo and colors

We continued using the same color pallet as IBB China’s logo in remembrance of our evolvement.

NiHao Cloud Team

Our team has separated from IBB China, to better focus on providing cloud services to the customers. NiHao is rapidly increasing with new users and paid customers.

We’re excited to share with you this change of our brand. Let us know what you think about our new name in comments below and do check out our website at nihaocloud.com.