Public Cloud

Dedicated Virtual Server for International Businesses in China

Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Host Your Applications



Corporate domain

Your own company domain applied for all the services set up in your cloud server

Security certificates

Whole disks, files, partitions, etc. encrypted implementing dm-crypt encryption

Corporate VPN

Full security. Messages and channel encrypted from your office to the cloud server

Disaster recovery

Data and files always available in case of unexpected hardware failure


Save money

Save money by having no extra costs on Office Infrastructure equipment and its maintenance.

Global Access

Access your Files and Applications from anywhere. Best Solution for International businesses with offices in China.

Share everywhere

High security

Systems, data and channel encrypted

How does it work?

All your files and applications easily accessible from your office in China or Abroad. Everything is backed up in another data center, in case of disaster.

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End user support 24/7


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