Getting Started with IBB Cloud Guide

What is Seafile? 

IBB Cloud infrastructure uses Seafile Technology as the framework along with Amazon AWS hosting and many other secret ingredients that result in exceptional cloud solution for China.Seafile is a Self- Hosted file sharing software for Enterprises. 

Seafile's functionality is similar to other popular file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The primary difference between Seafile and Dropbox/Google Drive is that Seafile is a self-hosted file sharing solution for private cloud applications.

1. How to Use IBB Cloud on the Web

This video shows how to create and share libraries, organize users in groups, recover files and more.

2. How to Share Libraries in more detail

4 different ways you can share your files :


Share libraries and files to other users

Share to one or multiple users. Search for the existing user in the data base by typing users email address:

Add as many users you would like and then Submit.


Share & Collaborate with groups, departments or teams

You can share specific Libraries to specific group. For instance you may have your groups as departments. So let say you have "invoices" library, that you can share to "Finance" group. People who are not in Finance group will not be able to see this Library.


Generate a download link

Create a download link to entire library or separate file. You can choose weather you want to add password to that download link or even expiration date. Then Click Generate to get get a download link that you can share with others.


Generate an Upload link

Send this link to other parties to upload files to your particular library.

Once opened the upload link, this is what others will see:

3. Syncing folders with all your devices

This is the coolest part of IBB Cloud. With Phone and PC client you can sync folders instantly without even thinking about it. You just use your folders in your PC as you are used to and the client does all the syncing for you. 

First Download your PC & Mobile App

Desktop Syncing Clients

Client for Windows

Runs on Vista/7/8/10

Client for Mac

Runs on Mac OS X 10.7

Client for Linux

Runs on Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora

Mobile Clients


Version 2.1 for Android

Go to Google Play Store
You can also download from F-Droid
or download directly


Version 2.5 for iOS

App Store
or search Seafile in iPad/iPhone

Instalation & Set up

Choose where you would like your computer to store Seafile files. Make sure you choose a location with enough space 

Finish your installation 


This is a very important step where you have to type in correct server name or otherwise you will not be able to access your account. If you have any difficulties at this step, please make sure you typed in correctly with https:// and left no spaces both in front or the end of the link. If there is any issue you can email our support for help:

Once loged on your client, you should see exactly same libraries as you have on the web browser:

Drag and drop libraries from your PC and the client will sync automatically to the cloud

Pro Syncing Tips: 

  • Be aware if you sync your library on the PC, any changes you make on the PC or the browser, the client will automatically sync the libraries so they become identical. However if you don't sync the libraries, whatever changes you make on the browser, will not effect the library on the PC and vice versa.
  • Do not sync libraries that you dont need everyday on your PC. It's unnecessary use of space on your PC. You can access your files either way through the browser or open files on client using "OPEN CLOUD FILE BROWSER" option. In this way you will be able to access files without downloading them. 
  • Quickly generate Download and Upload links by opening files on Cloud File browser on the client instead of going to the web browser. 

4. Language Settings

IBB Cloud Storage is mostly used by International businesses to share files with employees between many different countries. Whether you have teammates in China, France or Germany you can adjust to of 26 languages for your own convenience.

3 easy steps to change languages 

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