VoIP – Office Phone System

"Quality of your communication is the quality of your life" - Anthony Robbins
IP Phone with  Headset - IT equipment for office
** Note: Shallow depth of field

Corporate Phone System

Corporate Phone System with extensions and welcome speech.

Connect Local Landlines

Connect local Chinese telephone landline likes China Mobile, Unicom, Telecom etc.

Extension numbers

Advanced manageable extension numbers

More Features than you ever seen

Get more features like International numbers, free calls between offices, conferences rooms and much more




International Landline

Get your landline in the countries of your choice and enjoy local rates

Interconect your offices

Phone conference rooms for your meetings between offices or customers

Free calls within the system

Free calls within the system

Business Man Calling Internationally with 64 different country flags

Find out 20 Unknown Benefits of VoIP

Office phone for conference call with IP

Phone Conferencing

Dial directly from your mobile or PC

VoIP calls from mobile and Computer desktop
Digital Fax from PC to Print fax

Save trees  fax digitally

Drag and drop fax

Get fax as PDF

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