VoIP – System as Service

We provide VoIP Telephone Systems as a Managed Service

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

On Premise Advantages

Using existing Infrastructure (LAN / Wifi)

Our VoIP system uses existing infrastructure which is already in your office or home to provide professional phone services.


Our system allows users to move around the office freely, sitting in meeting rooms or at different desks with their extension. This is much easier than traditional phone systems where you would need to ask IT to set up your new desk.

Remote Workers

Mobility is important in today’s world, this is why our system allows employees to be reachable whether they are in a home office, hotel or even another country!

Voice Mail & Fax

In a traditional phone system voicemail and fax is a hassle to set up. Our system gives you voicemail and faxing services out of the box, and will forward to your email if you’re not around to pick them up.

Linking Offices

Linking your offices couldn’t be easier with our solution, you can call all your staff for free and transfer to them as if they were sitting across the room, even if they are 3000 miles away.

Cost Saving

Our system can connect with many providers including Skype, meaning cheap calls across the world bypassing the expensive international calling rates traditional telecom companies charge.

More Features

Traditional phone Systems are Hardware wired, while a VoIP System is Software based, like your E-Mail or other Systems you are used to work with.

That makes VoIP System very flexible to deploy additional Features or Services, just like installing an add on on your browser.

Flexible and Scalable

Our solution can always adjust to your needs, a growing startup adding ten new employees per day is no problem, reassigning and restructuring takes minimal effort and is very easy.

Web-based Call Management

Our system offers a Web-based Control Panel. Just use your browser to customize your settings such as internal numbers, forwarding, voicemails and more … let the system work for you and make your life easier.

Simple & Easy to Configure

Support and maintenance of traditional phone System is mostly carried out by trained professionals who need to be on site. It is often expensive, time consuming and complex process. On the other hand our VoIP system can be maintained remotely in much shorter time.

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PBX Features

IBB PBX gives your company a robust UC feature set without the hassle and expense of complex licensing models. All PBX features are included for every user! No longer do you have to worry about the added expense of feature licenses if one of your staff members needs more functionality. Have a newly promoted employee who now needs to record calls? Great, just click a button to turn it on!

Call Management

Acknowledge Call

Forward your calls to your cell or home phone, or even have an extension of your Office Phone at home so those important phone calls are always answered by the right people


Call Forward

Forward your calls immediately, after a few rings or maybe forward to your mobile after 10 seconds if you not available on office number? Setting up call forwarding is easy and you can change it anytime

Call Cascade

Call-cascade is when you let your phone ring for a defined amount of time and if not answered within that time frame, call will be automatically forwarded to other predefined extensions or external phone numbers. Stalkers love It 😀

Find Me Follow Me

Manage your call distribution yourself – use phone System as your assistant. With follow me you can define, what the System should do with incoming calls. Send it to Voice Mail, cell phone or other colleagues etc.

Incoming Call Options

it is your choice how to manage incoming calls, transfer them, ignore them, send them your Voice Mail or others

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automatic Reception

IVR -“automatic Receptionist” as we like to call it with more common words, is a powerful Feature to already select and filter calls right at the beginning. Let the caller choose, to whom he wants to talk, to which department to be connected or what topic to discuss and get routed right away to the right team or person without many internal transfers

Maintain Caller ID

Receive incoming caller ID displayed on your phone, before picking up forwarded calls. No more stalkers


The Notifier will have a pop up window at your screens right corner to notify you for incoming calls. But even more, if the caller is in your Outlook Contact it can open your your Outlook contact windows, displaying the Caller – never being surprised about the caller and impress your Customer and Clients with your excellent “person memory”.

Personal Call Rules

Implemented in the System as “follow me” – you can design your own call flow – let the System call your cellphone or a Team Member etc. The VoIP System will become your personal call operator.

Send to Voicemail

Personal call rules can send your calls to Voicemail after a few rings, immediately, or either one based on the time of day. If you don’t want to receive any calls past 9:00PM, you can easily create a call rule to accommodate that.

Web-based User Control Panel

Web call

Web call is a pretty new and exciting function. Just use your browser and open your personal User Control Panel to receive and place calls on you Systems extension Number.

Making Home Office or Travel Office easy …

Call Forwarding

As you are used with cell phone operators, to forward calls on condition, like busy or unreachable, the VoIP System can do the same.

Follow me

Let the System become your personal call operator and follow you to different Offices or to your home phone or even cellphone.

Voice Mails

User will receive an E-Mail including and .wav File attachment to let you Listen to your Voice Message.

Fax Server

Fax Services are almost past and it is often not worth to keep a Fax Machine for the 3 Faxes still received per month …

The VoIP System has a Fax Server implemented, which enables the User to send and receive Faxes from the Computer, using the Web based User Control Panel.

Call History

View all your call history, incoming, outgoing or missed calls on your User Control Panel



Have you been in a situation, feeling awkward to talk to your honey in the Office environment while everybody around you can listen ? With a VoIP Phone System you can move this call to IOs or android mobile app and leave the Office. As far your Wifi reaches, will be able to talk and avoid the mock!

Call Control


Stop typing long Numbers on your phone, just find the Contact you want to call in Outlook or Thunderbird and call right from there.


Put your callers in happy mood while waiting on hold. Upload that newest hit or classy masterpiece of your choice.


Transfer calls internal or external


It is easy and simple to hold big and small third Party Conference calls right from your Phone


Custom Voicemail Greetings

Personalize your Voice Mail greetings with your own voice, which makes caller much more comfortable to have reached the right persons Voice Mail and leave a Message.

Or even create special Messages for special occasion, let the caller know you are on Holiday or greet him for Christmas etc.


Users receive an email notification to any email client that includes a .wav file of the message so they can listen to the message from anywhere.

Visual Voicemail

See all your voicemails and click to listen. No more dialing into your voicemail and having to cycle through your old ones.


Conference Rooms

With VoIP Systems its easy to create professional Conference Rooms. Usually provided as payed Service by phone operators, with VoIP Systems you can Manage your own Conference Rooms. Each User/extension can have his own Conference Room and organize / manage his own conferences.


Extend API

VoIP System comes with extended API, which allows developers to build special Applications or features in common Languages as PERL and PHP.

Firefox / Thunderbird / Outlook

Dial directly from Thunderbird’s or Outlooks Contact’s by adding free Firefox, Thunderbird or Outlook plug-ins

Chrome Dialer

Dial a Number displayed in the Chrome Web browser just by clicking on it


Call Logs

Log all call activities to have full detailed overview on your or your Teams call activities

Call Recording

For many purposes, it appears useful to record calls.

The System allows you to manage this on different pattern or condition, like only recording incoming calls or only calls on predefined numbers, etc

China Special

VoIP/SIP Trunk

There are no VoIP or SIP Trunk Provider existing in China. But with IBB’s VoIP System, VoIP Services are made available even if China have only analog lines are available

SIP or IAX2 connection

Connect your current VoIP system with SIP or IAX2 Connection node outside of china and guaranty high quality calls

MPLS Lines

MPLS connected international Numbers through our partner Softnet – most competitive MPLS Lines in Asia Pacific

Why Managed VoIP ?

No Investment

Low up Front Cost for a usually costly VoIP System


On-Premise VoIP System with the convenience of cloud like hosted System


Service Maintenance included