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Sync Devices

Sync your Files on any device between multiple teams

Each department can share libraries and instantly sync files across many devices

No VPN in China

Share Files and Collaborate globally

Access your files while in China or traveling abroad. Works without VPN

Private Cloud

Share Files in China or within your office instantly

Only need to share files within China? Then this is for you

Encrypt Libraries

Everyone has the right to privacy

Encrypt Libraries so your IP stays safe in China

seafile file sharing
Business Cloud Storage

No VPN needed to access your files in China or wait for a long load time when you are overseas, it just works anywhere

Share Files Anywhere

Sharing Files Between Chinese colleagues is tricky. With IBB Seafile Cloud- files and libraries sync fast and easy

Unlimited Users

You can add as many colleagues to your account, as long as you have enough space you can have as many as you like

Protecting your privacy

Share fast. Share everywhere. Within or outside China.

Data encryption

Encrypt libraries so not even IBB can read your data

Link encryption

Only those who knows your link-password can download your files

Share everywhere

Access and share files in China without needing any VPN, collaborate fast between  Europe, US or any other country

File Sharing to China, no VPN, Cloud Storage China

Access from any device

Phone apps on both Android and iOS

 IBB Cloud On-premises

Seafile Private Cloud is perfect for organizations that only have offices in China. In this case its suggested to host Seafile Cloud on your premises

Private & Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Highest Security Cloud

Store Extra Sensitive Data

Super Fast Upload/Download & Sync

Double Backups

Managed Service

Cloud Cost Management

Monitored & Maintained by IBB

End User Support


Experience Life With Instant Sync   

  Business Cloud & File Sharing with no User Limitations

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    • $ 39 Monthly
      • 50GB Business Storage
      • Unlimited Users
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