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IBB Cloud - Secure Business Storage

Powered by
Seafile Technology & Amazon Web Services


Sync devices


No VPN Required


Organize Business Data


Encrypt Libraries

seafile file sharing
 Cloud Alternative for China

No VPN needed to access your files in China or wait for a long load time when you are overseas, it just works anywhere

Share Files Anywhere

Sharing Files Between Chinese colleagues is tricky. With IBB Seafile Cloud- files and libraries sync fast and easy

Unlimited Users

​You can add as many colleagues to your account, as long as you have enough space you can have as many as you like

Protecting your privacy

Encrypt libraries so no one, not even IBB can read your data

File Sharing to China, no VPN, Cloud Storage China

Organize Your Users & Data

  • Create Departments & Teams
  • Group Users by Departments
  • Assign Group Admins
  • Discuss on Group Chat
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Free Unlimited Users

Share everywhere

​Except N.Korea*

Access and share files in China without needing any VPN, collaborate fast between Europe, US or any other country

File Sharing to China, no VPN, Cloud Storage China

Access from any device

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