OfficeHub- Office IaaS for Start-ups & SMBs
Infrastructure as a Service to Optimize IT in China


All Your Office Collaboration & Communication tools in one place. Different hosting options for different needs

Alternative to Cloud Services Public Cloud Private Server Hybrid
Business Email service
OfficeTalk- VoIP Phone System
Cloud File Sharing

All of the Services provided for a monthly fee, including IBB Help-desk & remote support any time, for any system issues


Monitored Systems

IBB Team monitors and maintains your systems so they simply work

Every communication system has to be constantly monitored for security threats and maintained with newest updates. OfficeHub is all in One Saas Solution when it comes to deal with Chinas slow Internet, connectivity issues and global communication. Our customer enjoy custom hybrid solutions that work. All the systems monitored and maintained remotely so your team can focus on growing and improving your business

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Awesome For SMBs & Startups

Today organizations need more than one IT manager to keep up with new technologies. Is hard to find a whole IT team that could be well rounded.

Outsource a huge chunk of your IT issues and focus on more important challenges

Outsourced IT expertise

Helpdesk- Remote support

IT support On premises

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Fast, optimized infrastructure

Iaas- Infrastructure as a service for rent

China IT optimization

Public Cloud Infrastructure


Optimize your IT in China

No more excuses about inefficient IT in China, its time get things done!

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OfficeHub For Your Business in China – Start Today!

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Frequently asked questions

Many of our customers face similar challenges in China

What type of Cloud should you choose?

It really depends on your needs. If you need to share files only locally, within China, then the fastest and most optimal way would be private cloud. The moment you need someone access data outside of China it has to be on Public Cloud with good connection from China and abroad. Some systems like VoIP Office phone system or Video conferencing works the best with Private Cloud and File Sharing with Public. If you need both of the best worlds then we suggest having a hybrid cloud solution.

Do I need to buy new Servers and hardware?

No. Server and all the hardware is provided by IBB for a monthly rental fee. If any of the devices stops working, it is replaced for no extra costs for the client.

Is OfficeHub easy to use?

All of the services are web based applications that everyone can understand and use without any training.

Can we get VPN to connect to our Public Cloud?

Yes, IBB can provide a special VPN connection allowing you to securely connect to Virtual Private Server and its services

If I have a question, will IBB support answer quickly?

IBB uses a ticketing system where you can easily send an email to report about your issue and our Engineers will pick it up immediately. We have helpdesk phone number for emergency assistance as well

What are payment options and can I get a fapiao?

Usually on a yearly contract basis our customers pay on quarterly basis except for cloud storage, which is on monthly or yearly automatic Pay-pal payments.

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