Private Video Conference
Optimized for International- China calls

Hosted On-Mac Mini

We want our video conference to work flawlessly between China and other countries. We got best results while hosting on Private Servers. No Server?- We send you a Mac-Mini that works like mini video conference server.

No apps. No downloads

4 steps and start talking

Chrome or Firefox

Open Chrome or Firefox browsers to use the video conference system

Inviting others

From your video conference web page you will be able to create new conference rooms, invite others by easily sharing your unique url

Unlimited Users

Share the conference link with as many colleagues you want

Screen sharing

Share your screen and presentations any time needed

Sharing screen in Video conference on web rtc Firefox

Why IBB Meet?

Easy and fast

No more buying expensive hardware, software or phone systems to do simple video conference meetings.

Use mobile devices

You can video call with any Android device that has Chrome or Firefox browsers supporting WebRTC.


Point to point TLS encryption protocol implement. No way someone can listen or observe your conferences.

Screen sharing

Share your presentations the audience and keep the good work!